In Home Pet Sitting

pet sittingAs part of Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater’s commitment to our clients, we offer our concierge in home pet sitting as well as home sitting services. You pet deserves nothing but the best pampering by a lovable caregiver that will be there when you are traveling on business, pleasure, or those unexpected short notice getaways.

No extra charge for multiple pets.

Some companies charge a per pet fee when it comes to in home pet sitting. Not at our establishment. From our point of view, our flat rate services are adequate to care for the household.

Pet cam services available for pet sitting

Have you ever wondered what your pet is up to when you are not at home? At rancho santa fe home theater, we offer the set up of temporary pet cams, or permanent pet cams so that you know what kind of mischief your pampered pet is up to.

For a complimentary consultation, pick up the phone, or send us a Text message at 858-764-2648 so that we can place your pampered pet on our schedule to get the very best treatment when you are away.