How to choose a soundbar

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Do you need a high-quality soundbar?

A good quality soundbar may be the best investment you have ever spent. But you may ask why? As televisions have been getting thinner, and thinner, the question keeps popping up about why the sound quality is so poor? The answer is simple, flat screens are exactly what they are! Flat screens are monitors, period…. That is why you have to have a soundbar included in your home stereo systems, or home theater system.

Sound Bar and Flat screen enclosed inside a frame

So the question about how to choose a soundbar is becoming more and more of a mystery. Fortunately, we have been installing the best soundbars that match the room, as well as the flat screen perfectly.

With so many choices, what is the right sound bar?

Curved flat screen imageMany of our clients having been asking us about the Costco Vizio sound bar, the Samsung  sound bar, the lg sound bar, the yamaha soundbar and even the pioneer soundbar. As one of the top authorities of the best tv sound bar installation company, we have meticulously scanned through soundbar reviews from home theater magazine and other sources like attending the Consumer electronics Show and CEDIA to find you the best sound bar that will work for your home.

We carry all of the soundbars mentioned above. In addition, we have a custom soundbar made by Artison that primarily sets the speakers at the right and left of the flat screen. Within them is the 3 primary speakers channels, known as the Right, the Left and most importantly, the Center speaker so that you can clearly hear the dialogue from your home sound system.

Each of the different models we have customized is tailored specifically to the TV soundbarflat screen. Which includes the exact finish of the bezel and the exact height of the flat screen,

For those of you that have width limitations, we also have one of the best home theater sound bar as well. The company known as Leon Speakers also carries a variety of sizes, and budgets that match the bezel finish and width of the flat screen. In other words, the soundbar looks like it came from the flat screen factory.

We now have a new modular type of sound bar that can hide your mini cable box, along with the Roku, or apple TV and the mini amplifier that creates the perfect sound bar.  Here is a picture of what it looks like without the black mesh.

Modular sound bar options



For more information on how we can build you a custom sound bar like this, please give us a call at 858-764-2648 or for faster response you can text us as well. 

I just bought a curved television, what now?

Curved soundbar

Yes, lets not forget about our up and coming curved televisions. These sexy screens are now all the rage of the up and coming 4k revolution. The curved screen is something that brings the wow factor to any room. Especially if you are looking for that one of a kind look.

Curved soundbarIn addition, you can now add a curved soundbar to match the 55-inch and the 65-inch TV’s. Samsung just announced the sale of it to South Korea just a few days ago, as well as Australia. So here in the U.S. we should be seeing this very soon.


What about surround sound?

Both of these companies also carry the perfect, timber matched surround speakers and subwoofers that complete the system into a true theater experience.

Since the soundbars are sealed, we also have one more trick up our sleeves. We can install these speakers in the wall to give you a more recessed finish as well. This will give you more flexibility, if for some reason, there is a weight limitation on the mount.


For more information about the different choices and a complimentary quote on how to choose the right soundbar for your new flat screen, or curved sexy television, call today at 858-764-2648 or send us a text message, to see and hear what a difference the right soundbar can do for your home entertainment system.