4k home theater systems are here. Are you ready?

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Is your system ready for the 4k home theater entertainment revolution?

If not, then you have come the right place to assist you with the right stuff you need to upgrade to the 4k home theater system. But you are asking yourself why? Here is why.

With the recent announcement of the new Apple TV 4k displaying the latest resolution known as HDR that enables your flat screen brighter, more colorful content that is 4 times better than what you are watching in high definition right now.

I bet you are asking, what is 4k HDR?

Without sounding to techie, simply put it is a wider range of color and contrast that what the broadcasters are displaying on your flat screen, or movie projector.

The 4k HDR which stands for High Dynamic Range gives you a dramatic jump from the darkest shadows to the extreme brightest picture performance of your TV.

One more little nugget, the new 5th generation apple TV, includes a new format called Dolby vision. In a nutshell what it does is that it will enhance the quality of your viewing pleasure greater than HDR.

Okay, enough of that stuff, lets get to the good stuff of why you came here.


What about Roku 4k?

To give you an alternative device, if you are not a part of the Apple camp, Roku has been spanking the pants off of Apple by offering their version of 4k with the Roku Ultra.

Their device has all the bells and whistles that the Apple TV took 3 years to realize and get up to speed of what they were missing.

That is why Roku has a greater presence than the Apple TV 3rd and 4th generation devices. Roku silently came in and gave the people what they wanted.

We are not here to make a big fuss about what device you should use, all we are trying to do is to inform you of the different options that are now mainstream. Both devices are now on the same playing field, it is just a matter of which camp you want to invest in.

Sorry to bring up a sore subject but, one thing I do have to mention is that the 4k movies on Roku do cost more and that has been their monopoly until now. OUCH! 

But let’s look on the bright side, Youtube has been giving you the greatest ESPN highlights of your favorite sports shows for free. Hope that takes some of sting out. Let’s not get distracted and I will change the subject of why we are here.

So what’s the deal with the different HDMI cables?

Once again, without getting too high tech, here it is. If you installed an HDMI cable 5 years ago chances are you are going to run into issues with the new format we have been talking about in this article. The current HDMI format that is specifically designed for the 4K revolution is 2.0

Most of you have HDMI cables from the 1.3 or 1.4 generation. I hate to bring this up, but if your contractor, or electrician installed your flat screen, or pre-wired your home there is a very good chance that he did not plan for the future. How so you may ask? Good question. Very few of them provided you with a way to pull the old HDMI cable out and replacing it with the new standard.

Now what? Here’s what! You pick up the phone and give us a call, or for faster service- shoot us a text message at 858-764-2648 to schedule an appointment to let us upgrade and resolve your current system issues, before they become a nightmare when you decide to call our competitors and sell you their overpriced cables and other unmentionable systems that we have been de-constructing for years.

Okay, so where is this 4k content going to come from?

Well….  Netflix and Amazon video has began to stream your favorite movies and other content in 4k. I forgot to mention that after years of going back and forth, Apple and Amazon kissed and made up. Now the new Apple TV 4k has for the first time, an Amazon Video app. One more app is Youtube that will be pushing more and more 4k content along with ESPN that will be streaming your favorite sports channels.

Lets not forget that the cost of 4k flat screens is daily coming down in price. One more nugget I forgot to mention. If you purchased an HD movie on your iTunes account, they are now going to upgrade that movie at no additional cost to you in 4k.

What is the next step?

We have only scratched the surface of the other components that will complete the new format, so do yourself a favor and give us a try by contacting us at 858-764-2648 to help you upgrade, or build the right 4k home theater system that will have the ability to get to the next level of 8k or even 16k that we have been testing in Japan for the past year. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Your neighbors have entrusted us for the past 18 years with their new construction and remodel projects. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon here at Rancho Santa Fe home Theater.

Here is our bottom line! If you need instructions, we have failed at doing what we do best.


We offer the following services and products, if you just want to make ONE PHONE CALL

4k deployment specialist

Best home theater installation

Retrofit specialist in existing homes

New construction design

Remodel requiring experts

 TV mounting

automated home theatre chairs

home entertainment furniture

theater design

space planning for your home

Sound bar systems

lighting design

lighting automation

distributed music systems

programming of your universal remote controls

calibration of your speakers

in-room and in-wall speaker installation

waterproof outdoor speaker installation

Wireless speakers

Bluetooth subwoofer

computer network design

Wi-Fi network installation

and much more…..


Is the Internet of things causing your WiFi Grief?

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So you decided to try the new Internet of things also known as Alexa to help in how to train your Pandora, or tame your Spotify account to play your favorite playlist. But now you find out that it can do more than that. Alexa Let us take a step back and ask the question, what is the Internet of Things,  or IoT for those of you that love acronyms. Simply put, it is any device that has an ON and and OFF switch that can now be part of the internet. For example, your smart TV,  light switches, alarm panel, garage door opener, coffee pot and the list goes on and on.

Now that the internet is streaming everything is possible through your smartphone, and smart tablets you now have control just an app away. And with the expansion of seamless WiFi available, this is the perfect storm for the Internet of Things to blossom and become part of your every day routine.

Having problems with your Internet of things a.k.a Alexa or Google Home?

google homeWhen Alexa and her evil counterpart Google home work as intended, they are amazing with the things they can do for you without having to handle your smartphone, or tablet. All can be accomplished by simply speaking to them. That is when the Internet of things are working harmoniously turning on your lights, changing your favorite music and setting the right temperature.

Got WiFi connectivity issues?

But what happens when you discover that your Wireless router that you have stashed in your office doesn’t reach all of the devices that were intended to work with Alexa or Google home? According to Cnet who is a reputable company that reviews all consumer electronics gave the following advice. First reset your (Iot) device, then your modem and finally the router. If that does not work then relocate your wireless router to a central location in the house.

That is all fine and dandy if you are tech savvy and live in a condo, or guest house. But most of us live in modest homes that exceed the range of your wireless router. Most homes we work on range from 1,500 to 25,000 square feet with 2 or 3 stories. The poor router from Cox or Time Warner (Spectrum)  doesn’t stand a chance

Look at this picture! You can see the possibilities of how many devices can actually reside and be dependent on your WiFi to communicate and be controlled by the different Internet of things that were once just dummy devices. Not to mention, this is only one room!

The unfortunate thing that the companies don’t tell you when you buy into the Internet of things is that they all do not play well together. The reason is that certain companies only want you to use only their smart devices.

In addition, each device is competing with each other for the attention of your WiFi speed. Especially those cameras that are streaming directly to your smartphone, or tablet.

What is the solution for your (Iot) Internet of things?

Google home can throw that favorite Youtube videos on your flat screen wirelessly, or turn on your pretty lights and fancy thermostats with a touch of a button. So the answer to all your WiFi and internet issues is simple.

You pick up the phone, or shoot us a text message TODAY at 858-764-2648  to schedule a complimentary appointment to see how we will be able to seamlessly and effectively cover your entire house with a reliable wireless system.

Best home cinema system

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What is the best home cinema system for your budget?

Disney Projector imageSince no two home cinema systems are alike, we get this question asked everyday. It is very similiar to a fingerprint. Believe it or not, every day we have phone calls of your neighbors that are in the remodeling process, or are diving into their first new construction home of your dreams that involves a home cinema, or private home theater.

As one of San Diego’s home theater installation companies that cater to a one stop shopping experience, you can rest assured we have a home cinema and the right home audio equipment to fit every budget imagineable.

So to answer your question about the budget, you think about how many people you plan on seating in the room, a good plan that seamlessly blends with the decor, and a long term relationship, is the best start so that it is tailored to your budget, small or large. A home theater installation can be done in modular stages so that it doesn’t break your budget.

So how can I future proof my home cinema?

elegant-home-cinema-projectorWhat it really boils down to when you are investing your hard earned money into a home cinema, or home theatre is the planning for the future so that it is seamless to pull out the old technology, and install the next generation widget that everyone is clammering for.

That is why for that past 18 years, we established relationships in the cedros design district part of Solana Beach with our current clientele, now fast forward to today Rancho Santa Fe Home theater has been on the fore front of ensuring that our clientele has that capability and much, much more.

Why is Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater Installations different from the contractors guy?

Pre-wire nightmareFirst and foremost, we are not going to leave you with a mess of spagetti wiring like the contractors guy. We exclusively work directly with your the homeowner.

This has always been the most successful way of avoiding any finger pointing of who’s responsibities was to do this, or that during your home theater installation process.

Second, we are a one stop shopping experience which means that you will only need to make one phone call to take care of everything you can imagine. That is something we learned many years ago being in the cedros design district.

pre-wiring solutionFor those of you that have already experienced what the other trades leave behind at the end of a remodel, or new construction process, we specialize in finishing what we started and walk you through the entire process from start to finish with the sometimes overwhelming journey of last minute changes.

Third, we specialize in the last 1 percent of making sure that everything works as it should. If it has a wire attached to it, you can bet your bottom dollar, that it is part of our repitoire. We have more goodies to tell you about when we return from the 2016 CES show this January. So stay tuned.

Last of all, what really sets our home theater installation apart from any other company out there is simplicity. When you have invested all this money, the last you need is headaches and phone calls from your family members asking how to watch a movie without going through hoops. If you have to press more than one button on your remote control, it is too complicated in our book. Ask us about our baby boomer discount.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone today at 858-764-2648 or shoot us a text to see how we can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars compared to the contractors guy. You’ll be glad you did!

Home Network installation San Diego

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Can a home wifi network installation make a difference in your life?

Reliable network resultsOnly if you want your home wi-fi network to stream Netflix without the little irritating circle that is downloading your favorite movie and wasting your time because you only have 20 minutes to watch your favorite episode. As one of the top and most trusted home theater new construction and remodel companies in San Diego that specializes in home network installations, resolve wifi issues that our clients are thrilled to have a one stop shopping experience.

This includes their home network installation along with the peace of mind that their Ethernet cabling is done correctly the first time. If you take a look at the snapshot, you see a download speed of 176 and upload speed of 21. Does your current WiFi give you this?

For a limited time, if you are in the Time Warner area, they will be providing a new wifi service of 300 Megabytes per second by the end of this year. Since you are here for the first time we thank you for taking a moment of your time to see if we are a good fit to assist you in the installation of the best WiFi routers and your home network wiring.

***News Flash! No extra wiring needed with the new mesh network system. Call or Text us Today at 858-764-2648 and as how cable customers can now have 300mps speed*** what better time to upgrade than now.***

Network cabling 101

Home network upgrade speedThe safest and most reliable way to enjoy the fastest internet speed is to hard wire any and every computer, home theater in the family room, dedicated home cinema component and accessory you have in your home. This biggest benefit of a home network installation this that your Netflix, Hulu or Youtube videos will stream to your Bluray, Roku, Apple TV, or media server without hesitation. In addition, you will be getting the speed you are paying for from your cable provider.

These devices have been joined by media streamers, cloud storage, security systems, wireless cameras, and automation hubs known as the Internet of Things, or IoT. Adding these Internet of Things brings new issues with the buffering of video and the stuttering of your favorite music playlist.

The biggest challenge is getting the wiring to each of these devices. That is where we come in to simplify this for you. It’s simply a matter of connecting the dots to take advantage of utilizing its full potential. We take all the guess work and provide you with a plan on how to do this. Our team has a way of organizing things in a systematic form that most engineers envy.

When we come in, we cross the “T’s” and dot the “I’s” so that you have a reliable and seamless system on your new construction, or remodel project so that in the future we can expand to whatever 4k, 8, or 16k devices are in style. And all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at 858-764-2648 or shoot us a text to schedule an appointment today. So if your WiFi is not giving you these results, you are throwing hundreds of dollars away.

Ethernet cabling for the home network installation

Pre-wire nightmareWithout sounding too technical the cable companies are busy digging up the streets adding things to give you this thing called gigabit technology, or Cox calls it gigablast. California will be one of the first states to get this, so it would be prudent to be ready for it if you are in the stages of new construction, remodel, or if you feel that your internet is slow.

Part of this process is this thing called “home runs”. What this means is that there is a central location in the center of the house like a spare closet, that all the wires from each of the rooms come to a central panel that distributes the internet.Kinda like this one that you may already have from your previous contractor.

pre-wiring solutionSo our job is to organize, label and identify how to make it more efficient and the fastest internet available in your area. When we are done, it looks more like this.

Think of it like the legs of a spider with many legs that reaches out to each of the rooms, but the body of the spider is in the middle of the house. As part of our home network installation design services, we provide you with all the details on how to do this with a laundry list of components you will need to launch the fastest internet in your home.

What about my 4k streaming content?

Good question. Up until now, the only content was enabled using the Sony 4k media streamer. But now there is a new kid on the block that will give you whatever 4k is available without a hiccup. The new kid on the block is the Amazon Fire 4k. This black beauty has the horsepower to push 4 times the resolution of the latest 1080p resolution.

The secret is in the sauce, so in a nutshell, it comes with this new gadget called Alexa which is a voice recognition system that listens to your every whim. To find out more about this black beauty simply click on the highlighted text below to find out all the details.


Cat5e wiring for your home network installation

Proper network cabling

Proper network cabling

So here is my 2 cents on whether you should wire with cat5e or pay more for the newer cat6 wiring. If you are in the new construction phase, run cat5e along with a conduit system so that in the future you can upgrade to cat-who knows what they will call it. Otherwise I would suggest installing cat6 wiring. This way you are assured that you will have the best wiring at least for the next 7 years. But to make a fair comparison we suggest pickup up the phone and giving us a call so that we can evaluate what is the best soluton for your home network installation.

Setting up a wireless network for handheld devices

Wireless Network Access PointSince we all live with smartphones, iPads, Kindle fire HD tablets, as well as the Internet of Things I mentioned, and other various devices that are design to give you everything you want including the kitchen sink in the palm of your hand, setting up your wireless network is a necessity.

Think of wi-fi similar to a two lane highway. So the slowest device on the road dictates the speed of it. If your favorite playlist is behind your wireless printer, then it stutters, the Netflix dial spins and spins. Is there a solution?

Fortunately, we have the perfect devices called access points that are part of home management network installation that seamlessly integrate and discreetly reside by looking like a smoke detector.

What is even more exciting is that now we have a mesh wireless system that does no require any additional wiring to install the high speed access points.

One thing we should point out and strongly advise against is that if you are using something called a wireless extender, you are critically cutting in half you internet speed. If your WiFi ends in a EXT or a -2 you are in serious trouble.

You are paying good money for high speed internet, the minute this little guy gets installed in your house, you might as well call your internet provider to request that they double your speed. For more detailed information, here is the Top 5 mistakes with wireless networking.

We strongly recommend getting rid of this as quickly as possible and pick up the phone and give us a call at 858-764-2648 or shoot us a text to find you a better way to provide you a more reliable wireless network solution

What is the best modem?

Fastest network internet modemSince the cable companies love to nickel and dime you to death slowly by charging you a rental fee for everything, the best investment is to get you own modem. The number one reason is that this is the pipeline that gives you the fastest speed available from your provider. We recommend the ARRISS SURFboard SB6190 model which is available through Amazon.

For those of you that are about to switch from AT&T Uverse to Time Warner if you choose the fastest download speed, you will be grandfathered to the next level that is being tested in different areas exceeding 100 mps on the download speed at no additional cost. But the catch is that you need to have a modem that will handle that kind of speed. That is why we chose this one that will handle up to 300mps on the download speed.

***News Flash! Cox cable customers can now have 300mps speed*** what better time to upgrade than now.

What is the best wireless router?

Your router is similiar to a traffic director on a highway. The current router that your cable companies provide does not have what it takes to manage all of your new Internet of Things, and what you have hardwired to it. So you are paying rental fees on an outdated system. Over the years we have tried different wifi routers like the Cisco, Linksys, D-link and other brands that our clients have purchased.

As of now, what we have been installing which is available on Amazon is the Netgear nighthawk X6 AC3200. Given the current bandwidth that can be delivered to your home which is 150 on the download side and 15 ont the upload, this is the best wifi router that can handle all of your devices at one time.

So if you have a need for speed to download your Netflix, Hulu, or have your Pandora, or Spotify music to stream without interruptions, then this is hands down what you have been looking for.

With its built in system to prioritize who and what is being downloaded, it takes all the guess work out of having to manually manage it. But the most critical part is where it should reside in the household and how it is set-up.

As one of the top wireless router installation companies in Southern California, we know where, why and how to implement this for you. Mention this blog and receive 10% off our labor services by picking up the phone and giving us a call at 858-764-2648 today.

We also offer complete computer installation services that can keep your PC and MAC in tip top shape. As well as virus and malware removal services. Thanks again for taking a moment of your time and hope to hear from you soon. All we ask is a chance to serve you in the best capacity that your neighbors are already experiencing.

Serving communities in the Southern California area like Rancho Santa Fe 92067 The Bridges, Fairbanks Ranch, Santaluz, Cielo, The Crosby, Rancho Santa Fe Farms, The Grand Del Mar, 92130 Del Mar Country Club, Solana Beach, 92075 San Diego, Encinitas, 92014 La Jolla 92037, Orange County, Dana Point, Lido Island, Newport Beach, Irvine, Coto De Casa and other areas.

Tivo is back in town.

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Tivo is better than ever.TiVo_logo

Are you sick and tired of paying the cable company just for the privledge of being able to record your favorite TV shows on their DVR? Tivo might be the answer.

Then you find out that you cannot keep the shows that you want becuase your rented DVR does not have enough storage space? That is not the case with Tivo.

What made Tivo a good choice?

In the old days there was a thing called a VCR that gave your the freedom to record your favorite shoes and be able to play them back on your schedule. Then cam a wonderful invention. It’s called Tivo.

Now the new invention gave you the flexibility of programming your favorite shoes and the freedom of not having to pay the cable company a hefty monthly fee for their Contour system.

So what can Tivo Bolt do for me? Well how about cliping those commercials from 4k! Can your DVR do this?

tivo_roamio_proTivo is back and with one hell of an attitude. And he brought his kids for the ride. To start with, just  like the cable companies like Time warner and cox are rolling out their version of a main DVR that retains all of the shows you want to record with a limited storage space. Then there are wireless satellite boxes that go in the spare bedrooms. The premise is to give you the flexibilty to continue watching your favorite shows in those rooms as. Keep in mind that you are being charged for each box.

tivo_miniSo Tivo now has a system that becomes the hub of your favorite shows and has the Tivo mini devices that are installed in different rooms of your home wirelessly.


For more information about how you can save hundreds of dollars on your cable and internet bill, give us a call today or shoot us a text message at 858-764-2648 to set up a complimentary consultation to cut off those expensive monthly rental fees today.


San Diego Home Theater


San Diego Home Theater review

framed flat screen

Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater has been serving the greater San Diego home theater County since 1997 and from 2009 onwards has become the most best kept secret for custom home theater / home automation / home technology and home audio equipment firm in Southern California.

As other firms have been busy winning awards for their designs and high end pricing, the hub of our business model has been to take care of the little things that really matter when it comes to choosing the right San Diego Home Theater company without breaking the bank.

What is the best home theater?

That depends on 2 main factors. Is it going to be a dedicated room that is sealed off from the rest of the house? Or is it a multi-puropse room that when it is not in use the components will dissapear? Yes I did say dissapear. A typical multi-purpose theater is the family room. That’s where everyone congregates because its close to the kitchen. Once this decision is made, we can proceed to the next phase.

What is the best home theater equipment?

San Diego Home TheaterAgain, if we are talking about a dedicated theater room, then we will be going in the direction of a projector with a fixed wall mounted screen along with all the equipment in a dedicated rack enclosure, special lighting and the most important part is the seating arrangement. Yes, seating is the most important part, but I will get to this in a moment.

multi purpose home theaterFor the multi-purpose room a flat screen, with the components tucked away in a cabinet along with the speakers discreetly positioned to not interrupt the decor is the bare minimum. The days of twinkling lights and visible equipment is gone. We even have invisible speakers! If the budget allows, then a motorized screen and lift projection system magically appears for those special events when you have movie night with the family, or gatherings.

What is the most important piece of planning and executing a home theater?

Theater seatingI cannot emphasize this enough, but it without going into too much detail it is where you are going to sit. The seating is the foundation of any home theater regardless if its in a dedicated room, an attic, or family room. The reason is that is where the mathematics come into the equation of figuring out the placement of everything. We also have an article for those of you that are diving into your first remodel, or new construction project of a dedicated home cinema.

What is the biggest mistake you can avoid?

too many wiresThe biggest mistake people make is that they go out to Costco and buy television and they try to work around what they bought. Then it’s hit or miss whether its the right size leaving all the wires dangling and placing the equipment on the mantle. It is a story we visit everyday and the wife is sick and tired of looking at this spagetti.

So do yourself a favor and pick up the phone and give us a call, or shoot us a text at 858-764-2648 to have one of our consultants come out and give you a hand in planning and executing your ideas before you spend a dime on any consumer electronics.

What is the best home theater speaker system?

home theater soundbarIn our experience the best home theater speaker system is the one that does not interrupt with the decor. If it has to be visible, then it must blend in. Most of the speakers today are made pretty good and come in many shapes and sizes to blend into the decor of the room. Even our soundbars match the flat screen.

What about the Dolby Atmos surround sound?

Dobly atmos Surround SpeakerWith the latest technology coming out, in the new construction phase of prewiring, we have been getting ready for the dolby Atmos surround to come into the market. What this means is that is that your surround sound installation will be the same as what you are hearing in the commercial theaters utilizing speakers in the front, ceiling, middle, end and rear of your room. So the best speakers for the best surround sound installation is called Dipole speakers. These speakers evenly dispurse the sound around you instead of at you. This will give you the best home theater installation and listening experience.

What makes or breaks a home theatre system?

Family room remote controlSimplicity. The remote control system must be simple for everyone to use. Period. More times than not it boils down to the last 1 percent of the project. It either makes, or breaks the entire home theatre experience.  And this is called “control”. It’s like buying an expensive car and upon delivery they don’t include the steering wheel.

With the access to a variety of product lines and product dealers, Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater will work with you to best meet your budget and quality requirements. Our vast experience in the San Diego Home Theater and home systems business has provided us with the knowledge to identify the best value for you.

San Diego Home Theater DesignFrom the design aspect, to the installation of your audio system at your office and or home, we listen and work very diligently throughout the duration of your project to ensure everything goes according to plan and the way you expect it to.

By the way, we also offer a variety of different home automation systems that simplify your life and your lifestyle that may be a great value with our clients that are having memory issues.

In conclusion, we implore you that if you are considering, or in need of one of our services listed on our website here in the San Diego county area, please do yourself a grand favor and give us a call today at 858-764-2648 you will be glad you did and so will your wallet.

San Diego Home Theater areas served


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​Looking For The Best TV Mounting & Installation In San Diego?


​Our TV Mounting & Installation In San Diego is second to none?

tv installation

Drywall framing around TV to hide the gap between the wall and the flat screen.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we take this statement very seriously when it comes to your tv installation needs.

Do you need a hand in getting that flat screen tv mounted on the wall? You have come to the right place. As you have experienced that the investment in the tv is just the begining of your investment in your family home theater experience. Then comes choosing the right TV wall bracket for the optimum viewing angle. When choosing what works for you, the seating placement is the key if you are going to invest in a tilt mounting bracket, or one that swings out.

If you don’t have the mount for the tv, or cannot decide whether a tilt mount, or the swivel arm that can give you that freedom of positioning that tv wherever you sit, not to worry we are here to the rescue.

All of our clients are raving about how we surgically conceal those ugly tv wires.

ugly wires exposed

Before picture of empty niche.

tv installation with a swivel arm

After picture of concealed wires.

Instead of using duct tape, or that cable channel that is used for commercial uses. Our creative team utilizes the tv brackets in our installations to hide the electrical and HDMI wires, anything less is unforgiveable.

 Do you have any tv cabinets?

corner tv unitMedia CabinetIf you are looking for ideas for a tv wall unit, we got you covered. Fortunately, we have been succesful in finding a corner tv unit for those that dont have enough real estate in your room.


Or a reasonable tv entertainment center that hides all of your electronics, and keeping your wife happy. What more can you ask for?

How about a remote control system that eliminates all the clutter on your coffee table that currently has 6 remote controls. Not to mention the 6 button steps that you have to do each time you want to watch TV. Before we change subject matters, lets continue below to see how we can assist you in mounting your flat screen TV.

What about the hole in my entertainment center of my old rear projection tv?

tv backing for mountTV mounting afterOur TV installation design team specializes in creating a new facade, or backing where we install a tv bracket that pulls out and swivels. This comes in very handy when you know have a niche for 42-inch and you really want an 84-inch in the bedroom. We can pull this off with even a 32-inch opening that was popular for the den.

And can hide the components to create that elegance of form over function. What this really means is, once we are done with our TV mounting services you don’t have to point the remote control directly to each device. The options are limitless.

What about the rest of the wires?

too many wiresSince we are a one stop shopping experience our surgeons can install those pesky rear surround speakers, or give you different options if you are renting, or living in a condo that the ceiling and flooring is concrete. We have a solution that not only fits your budget, but actually works the first time.

So pick up the phone and give us a call today at 858-764-2648 to schedule a no obligation appointment with one of our courteous ambassadors of goodwill that can guide you to the perfect solution for your tv mounting needs.

How to choose your home theater chairs

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How to choose the best home theater chairs?

Since no two theaters are alike, your home theater chairs, home theater recliners,  and home theater couches should also be a reflection, of your overall theme of the room itself. But with so many choices, how do you choose the right one that will fit just right? Well, you have come to the right place.

Seating dimensionsAs one of the top home theater store chair, recliner and couch resource centers, we can assist you in creating a one of a kind home theater room, that will blow the socks off your guests. With our home theater software, we can design the system without having to sacrifice on the decor. Here are three rows of chairs with no risers, or steps to trip over in the dark.

Most of our clients enjoy it so much, that they ask us to replicate the same simplicity into multiple home theater rooms, in the bedroom, the den, the playroom,and also the man cave.

What you may, or may not know is that all good quality seating comes in different configurations. There are some online stores that have some home theater chairs that are essentially glorified sectionals and come with a steep price.

We strive to be your one stop shopping experience by educating our clients so that you are always in the drivers seat, couch, or recliner of making an informed decision. Here are just a few simple tips that can go a long way in making, or breaking the cost in your home theater chairs.

So to not complicate this matter the basics of the seating arrangements come with one arm, right, left or armless.

Left arm home theater chairRight arm home theater chairNo Arm Home Theater chair

Now the tricky part is choosing whether you want the home theater chairs motorized, the fabric, with or without cupholders, and arm rests in each seat, or keep it simple like a sectional. This is the part where we at Theater chair dimensionsRancho Santa Fe Home Theater come in and show you to choose the right configurations that fit the room, and measure correctly so you know how wide, tall and the amount of room you will need for a comfortable fit that your family and guest will be able to enjoy for years to come. I would have to say, that the seats in a theater, along with a simplified remote control system is the best investment that one could make.


In addition to the home theater seating, we also have several lines of outdoor seating as well to accomodate that California room, your gazebo, or patio for that special game day.

But before we go off tangent to the outdoor side of things, why not pick up the phone and give us a call at 858-764-2648 so that one of our highly skilled designers can evaluate your seating lifestyle to assist you in choosing the right home theate seating indoors, or outdoors without breaking the bank.








How to choose a soundbar

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Do you need a high-quality soundbar?

A good quality soundbar may be the best investment you have ever spent. But you may ask why? As televisions have been getting thinner, and thinner, the question keeps popping up about why the sound quality is so poor? The answer is simple, flat screens are exactly what they are! Flat screens are monitors, period…. That is why you have to have a soundbar included in your home stereo systems, or home theater system.

Sound Bar and Flat screen enclosed inside a frame

So the question about how to choose a soundbar is becoming more and more of a mystery. Fortunately, we have been installing the best soundbars that match the room, as well as the flat screen perfectly.

With so many choices, what is the right sound bar?

Curved flat screen imageMany of our clients having been asking us about the Costco Vizio sound bar, the Samsung  sound bar, the lg sound bar, the yamaha soundbar and even the pioneer soundbar. As one of the top authorities of the best tv sound bar installation company, we have meticulously scanned through soundbar reviews from home theater magazine and other sources like attending the Consumer electronics Show and CEDIA to find you the best sound bar that will work for your home.

We carry all of the soundbars mentioned above. In addition, we have a custom soundbar made by Artison that primarily sets the speakers at the right and left of the flat screen. Within them is the 3 primary speakers channels, known as the Right, the Left and most importantly, the Center speaker so that you can clearly hear the dialogue from your home sound system.

Each of the different models we have customized is tailored specifically to the TV soundbarflat screen. Which includes the exact finish of the bezel and the exact height of the flat screen,

For those of you that have width limitations, we also have one of the best home theater sound bar as well. The company known as Leon Speakers also carries a variety of sizes, and budgets that match the bezel finish and width of the flat screen. In other words, the soundbar looks like it came from the flat screen factory.

We now have a new modular type of sound bar that can hide your mini cable box, along with the Roku, or apple TV and the mini amplifier that creates the perfect sound bar.  Here is a picture of what it looks like without the black mesh.

Modular sound bar options



For more information on how we can build you a custom sound bar like this, please give us a call at 858-764-2648 or for faster response you can text us as well. 

I just bought a curved television, what now?

Curved soundbar

Yes, lets not forget about our up and coming curved televisions. These sexy screens are now all the rage of the up and coming 4k revolution. The curved screen is something that brings the wow factor to any room. Especially if you are looking for that one of a kind look.

Curved soundbarIn addition, you can now add a curved soundbar to match the 55-inch and the 65-inch TV’s. Samsung just announced the sale of it to South Korea just a few days ago, as well as Australia. So here in the U.S. we should be seeing this very soon.


What about surround sound?

Both of these companies also carry the perfect, timber matched surround speakers and subwoofers that complete the system into a true theater experience.

Since the soundbars are sealed, we also have one more trick up our sleeves. We can install these speakers in the wall to give you a more recessed finish as well. This will give you more flexibility, if for some reason, there is a weight limitation on the mount.


For more information about the different choices and a complimentary quote on how to choose the right soundbar for your new flat screen, or curved sexy television, call today at 858-764-2648 or send us a text message, to see and hear what a difference the right soundbar can do for your home entertainment system.

How to reset your internet connection?

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Have you ever had a slow internet connection?

We are now introducing a new device that we can install in your home that plugs into your internet network so that we can reset your internet modem, and your wireless modem while you sleep. This will prevent you from having a slow internet connection.

So how does this internet connection work?

with the new partnership we have established with Panamax, we have been certified dealer for the new Blubolt technology. With the new gateway shown below here.Slow internet solutionThe new Blubolt gateway now gives you the flexiblity to turn on lights and other devices with the assistance of the portable modules that can connect to any device that has two or three prong plug.

And the greatest flexibility is that you dont have to be home! This give you and your internet connection the greatest flexiblity to control your internet connection.

internet companion outlet deviceSo part two of what you need to complete this part of being completely self- reliant is the dual outlet device that plugs into any outlet in your home. To take advantage of reliable internet service pick up the phone and give us a call at 858-764-2648 or shoot us a text.

The last ingredient is to have reliable WiFi service. Unfortunately, we go to Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot or Frys and pick up a wireless extender praying that will help. Did you know that when you introduce an extender to any network, this reduces your WiFi internet speed in half!!

Long Range Access PointThe most reliable solution is to have a wireless access point. Because the access point is directly wired to your internet router it is the most reliable form of Wireless internet service. Period! They are installed in the ceiling and look very much like small space ships, or smoke detectors. This is what they look like.


Here are some of the benefits that this little thing can do.


ZigBee® Wireless Communications for remote outlet control & energy monitoring via BlueBOLT® (Requires BB-ZB1 GATEWAY, sold separately as we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs.).


Hard-reboot problem electronics remotely.


Schedule conservation commands to eliminate wasted power and lower utility bills.


Safeguards equipment against all surges. In the event of a catastrophic surge such as lightning, it completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment.


Push-button power switches instantly power outlets on or off (overrides BlueBOLT power commands).


EMI/RFI Filtration Circuitry for Clean, Unimpeded Power.


Panamax will protect your equipment or we will repair or replace up to $100,000!


The surge protector shall be free of any defects in design, materials, or workmanship, and Panamax will repair or replace any defective unit.


Originally, we became dealers for this product, just to be able to reset our clients internet router and modem. But now we are discovering  more ways to use this very easy system in othere parts of the home.

Our goal here is to assist you in managing your electrical power consumption and save you money on your monthly electric bill, that is simple to operate and you will have complete control from anywhere you might be. But the only way you are going to find out more is to call us today at 858-764-2648