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Best home cinema system

What is the best home cinema system for your budget? Since no two home cinema systems are alike, we get this question asked everyday. It is very similiar to a fingerprint. Believe it or not, every day we have phone calls of your neighbors that are in the remodeling process, or are diving into their […]

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Home Network installation San Diego

Can a home wifi network installation make a difference in your life? Only if you want your home wi-fi network to stream Netflix without the little irritating circle that is downloading your favorite movie and wasting your time because you only have 20 minutes to watch your favorite episode. As one of the top and […]

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Tivo is back in town.

Tivo is better than ever. Are you sick and tired of paying the cable company just for the privledge of being able to record your favorite TV shows on their DVR? Tivo might be the answer. Then you find out that you cannot keep the shows that you want becuase your rented DVR does not […]


San Diego Home Theater

San Diego Home Theater review Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater has been serving the greater San Diego home theater County since 1997 and from 2009 onwards has become the most best kept secret for custom home theater / home automation / home technology and home audio equipment firm in Southern California. As other firms have […]

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How to choose your home theater chairs

How to choose the best home theater chairs? Since no two theaters are alike, your home theater chairs, home theater recliners,  and home theater couches should also be a reflection, of your overall theme of the room itself. But with so many choices, how do you choose the right one that will fit just right? […]